General Information 

Situated directly on the Parana River along the boarder of Paraguay, Parana On The Fly is the premium Golden Dorado fly fishing lodge in all of Argentina. Owned, operated, and guided by the leading pioneers of golden dorado fly fishing on the Upper Parana River, there is no better place to experience this top-notch jungle fishing than here!

 The Parana is a very large river system which holds not only diverse fishing opportunities for Golden Dorado, Pacu, and Pira Pita, but the best chance to fish for the largest Golden Dorado in Argentina. In terms of fishing, there is no other place that provides the vast array of situations, techniques, and opportunities for Golden Dorado than Parana On The Fly. Fish can be targeted either out of a boat moving along the currents in the main section of the Parana, floating the smaller side creeks, or wading/scanning a flat. Flats fishing for Golden Dorado is rarely available anywhere else in the world! It’s a visual treat unlike anything else. To see 40lb dorado pushing the Sabalo (baitfish) up onto the flats is quite amazing.

 Combined with world-class food and very comfortable accommodations, it’s easy to see why Parana On The Fly is as sought after as the premier lodge for anglers all over the world looking at a chance to fish for Golden Dorado. There are no long boat rides in the morning to the fishing spots, its all right there…

Fishing Fly Fishing Golden Dorado - Argentina

Golden Dorado 

This is the main target of guests at Parana On The Fly. A fish known throughout the world as one that pushes the angler and his gear to the limit, the Upper Parana river is regarded as the “monster zone” which holds the largest population of massive Golden Dorados in Argentina. The sheer size of the river itself provides ample food and water for the Dorado to live, so they get big and are not highly pressured by anglers. A great combo. Guests can expect to see fish in the 20-40lb range daily. There is not a time of year or season that is best for fishing, it is consistent all year.

Pacu - Argentina


The “Permit of the jungle” as some say - Pacu are highly sought after gamefish that live in the waters of the Parana. Most of them are seen in the smaller creeks that connect to the Parana. Fishing for them can be quite fun as tackle is usually either large hopper-like dry flies or heavier beads that are fished like falling fruit. The sight of a large Pacu coming up for a dry fly or floating berry-fly is a treat. There is not a time of year or season that is best for fishing, it is consistent all year. 

Pira Pita - Argentina

Pira Pita 

Another fish of the Parana that is usually found in the smaller creeks. Pira Pita take similar flies as the Pacu and can provide a great fishing opportunity for those looking to experience all of what this river system has to offer. There is not a time of year or season that is best for fishing, it is consistent all year.


Fly Fishing Golden Dorado - ArgentinaParana On The Fly - Argentina - Golden DoradoParana On The Fly Lodge - Argentina - Golden Dorado

 An old working “estancia” that has been converted into a lodge - the guest quarters are comfortable, air conditioned rooms in either double or single occupancy with private bathrooms. A main lodge sits about 20 feet away providing the dining room/bar/relaxation area - which features Wifi, cable TV, tying table. The chef, Orlando, is truly one-of-a-kind and creates incredible traditional Argentine dishes (think lots of steak and red wine). Those empanadas too…oh my!…Food and wine is sourced (very) locally.

2018 RATES

7 night/6 full days of guided fishing - $4,550 

Contact All Points to start organizing your trip! We've been there and can not only help you get the right gear for your trip, but help arrange every detail so all you have to do is fish!

Whats included: 

  • 8 hour days of guided fishing
  • Lodging
  • 3 meals a day
  • Transportation from the airport in Corrientes to the lodge

Whats not included:

  • All international/domestic flights to and within Argentina
  • Gratuity for guides and staff
  • Items purchases at gift shop

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