Acklins Island BonefishingFly fishermen who are looking to find some of the best bonefishing in the world, this is it! Endless hard sand flats and clear water stretch for miles. The Acklins Bight is a unique configuration which creates an expansive lagoon along the western side of the island making for a perfect habitat for many species of fish. 

Acklins Island Bahamas Bonefishing

Acklins Island lays along the outermost edge of the Bahama islands. Situated about 240 miles southeast of Nassua, Acklins is an incredibly unpressured fishery holding healthy populations of bonefish, permit, and tarpon. Many times it is months between when the flats have seen anglers.
We work exclusively with Salina Point Bonefish Lodge to offer a customized experience which can be done with a guide, purely DIY, or anywhere in between. This allows fly anglers to arrange a trip that is not only suited for them fishing-wise but also by cost. Guests can coordinate with the lodge directly on a day-to-day basis to either fish with a guide or to be dropped off on a nearby flat for the day. Specific arrangements can also be done depending on what species the guest would like to target. 
Acklins Island Bahamas Fly Fishing
Bonefish in Bahamas - Acklins Island


  • Cost: $1,660/person (Saturday-Saturday), $1,090/person (Saturday-Wednesday) for a double occupancy room. This includes DIY fishing, all food and lodging. Single occupancy rooms are available upon request.
  • Guides: $350/day (for 1 or 2 people)
  • Length of Stay: Either 7 or 4 day trips are available.


  • Rods: Bonefish/Permit: 8-9wt rods. Tarpon/Barracuda: 10wt
  • Lines: All lines should be tropical floating lines
  • Reels: Durable saltwater reels with good drag systems

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