Fly Fishing Labrador Riverkeep Lodge


Located in the south-western region of Labrador, Canada is the Riverkeep Lodge. Along the banks of the mighty Atikonak River, you will be surrounded by the vast wilderness and remote unspoiled beauty of "The Big Land." Labrador has long since been regarded as one of the best places, if not the best, in the world to target native Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon. Large trout and salmon enter the river after ice-out and feed on abundant insect and baitfish. With very little fishing pressure, the fish are ready and willing to take flies. For those looking to see what it's like to trout/salmon fish in one of North American's most remote places, this is it. 

Fly Fishing Labrador Riverkeep Lodge


Species: Brook Trout, Landlocked Salmon, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, and Whitefish

Along with large Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon (Ouananiche), anglers can expect to see and target Lake Trout, Northern Pike, and Whitefish. Depending on time of year and water conditions, these five species can be found in various degrees. It is very likely one can catch all five during their stay. Soon after ice-out, usually in June, the stoneflies and mayflies start their arrival. As the season progresses into July, the caddis come to life. Some of the most incredible caddis hatches happen here and one really has to see it to believe it! Blankets of caddis will emerge from the shoreline and cover the air and water. This is exactly what Labrador is all about...

Brook Trout and Salmon up to 10 pounds is possible. This is trophy territory! The Northern Pike get up to 25lbs and Lake Trout often see 15-20lbs. All of this in an unpressured fishery combine for a recipe for success! Anglers will cover a lot of water. From long runs, riffles, back eddies, and seems, this is truly some of the "fishiest" water you will see. Depending on comfort and skill level, guests can dictate how they would like to fish. Wading is the most common method, but one can fish exclusively out of a boat if they'd prefer. 

The fishing day starts at 8am and goes until around 6 for dinner. Anglers also have the option of going out after dinner. These are long days in this northern territory, so daylight gives plenty of fishable hours! A lot of times you will see an evening caddis hatch, so it can be very well worth it. 

Fly Fishing Labrador Riverkeep Lodge

Fly Fishing Labrador Riverkeep LodgeFly Fishing Labrador Riverkeep Lodge


Riverkeep can hold 8 anglers per week. Each stay is 7 days, Saturday - Saturday. Guests rest in well appointed cabins with comfortable beds, private bathrooms, wood stove, and a sitting area. There are two guest cabins which can hold various combinations of groups, couples, and/or families. Breakfast and dinners are held in the main cabin. The meals are hearty and exactly what you'd want before and after a full day of fishing. Lunches are taken on the river at the "lunch bar" which keeps guests fishing longer. Transportation from Labrador City via float plane is included and brings you right to the dock of the Riverkeep Lodge. WiFi (via satellite) is available throughout Riverkeep Lodge. 

Fly Fishing Labrador Riverkeep LodgeFly Fishing Labrador Riverkeep LodgeFly Fishing Labrador Riverkeep Lodge


Rods + Lines

For the Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon, rods in either 5 or 6wt configuration are perfect. It is beneficial to have one rod setup for dry flies and another for streamers. Expect to throw larger streamers, so a faster/stiffer rod capable of heavier flies is good to have. Also make sure you bring at least a sink-tip with you as well. A good example would be to have a 5wt setup for dries and the 6wt for streamers. Bringing a rod that is rigged with a sinking-tip or full sinking line is highly advisable.

For the Lake Trout and Pike a 7 or 8wt works great. Larger trout flies work well on these fish. Both of these species mainly eat baitfish, so imitations of sculpins and trout/salmon parr are great. 


Top Dry Flies

  1. Goddard caddis
  2. Orange stimulator
  3. Royal wulff/coachman with red in it

Top Wet Flies/Streamers

  1. Bait fish patterns (all colours) with silver tinsel + weighted body.
  2. Egg sucking leech/woolly bugger patterns
  3. Any small dry fly pattern in an emerger. These flies should retrieve just below surface with a very slow retrieval.

Fly Fishing Labrador Riverkeep Lodge

Fly Fishing Labrador Riverkeep Lodge


2022 Rates: $4,750 USD per person

CALL: 888-919-9077 or EMAIL: - to make your reservations!


  • 7 days of guided fishing
  • Float plane transportation from Labrador City
  • Transportation to/from airport in Wabush
  • All meals
  • Fishing license

Not included:

  • Gratuities for guides/staff
  • Transportation to Labrador City or Wabush

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