All Points' Beginner Fly Tying Kit

All Points Fly Shop + Outfitter
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New to fly tying? No problem! Here is everything you will need to get started. These kits are divided into "freshwater" (trout) and saltwater materials. So depending on what you would like to start tying, the materials will be specific to either of these. You can also chose to have your kit include a vise (with c-clamp or pedestal).

Kits Include:

  • Tools: Scissors, Bobbin, Bobbin Threader, Whip Finisher, Bodkin, HMH ST Vise (if requested)


  • Freshwater: Chenille, Saddle Hackle, Thread, Hooks, Flash, Dubbing, Wire, Elk/Deer Hair...All materials needed to tie a woolly bugger and caddis dry fly!
  • Saltwater: Bucktail, Saddle Hackle, Hooks, Body Braid, Dumbbell Eyes, Flash...All materials needed to tie a "Lefty's Deciever" and clouser.

Ready to start tying?! Here you go!