Crystal Dragon Tail Popper
Crystal Dragon Tail Popper Crystal Dragon Tail Popper
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Love them or hate them, dragon tails catch fish. Tied with the new easy casting Crystal tails, these poppers are sure to catch fish. This pattern features popper heads by Hellfire Flies and are tied on 2/0 SL12S 1x short hooks to prevent fouling. These flies are about 3" long and will work well at imitating any small forage that fish may be chasing on the surface. Great for smallmouth, largemouth and striped bass as well as any other predatory species that is willing to eat a popper.

  • Tied in Maine

This is a in-house tied pattern. We try our best to keep our flies available and in stock, but during certain times there might be a slight delay due to demand, etc. Please contact us if you need these immediately, are going on a trip, or otherwise as we can certainly do our best to accommodate you!