These are tickets for the February 6th Maine Bar Fly held at Oxbow Blending & Bottling - 49 Washington Ave, Portland, Maine - 7:00pm. We have three sets of tickets available... 

HMH Vises will be generously setting up the tables with some vises so if you've never tied on a HMH - you're in for a treat!


  1. Will Be Tying - Needs a vise and materials - $15
  2. Will Be Tying - Does not need a vise or materials - $7
  3. Will not be tying - FREE

If someone has some of the materials, but not all, simply pay the $7 ticket fee and materials can be purchased "a la cart" at the event. 

Our goal with these Maine Bar Fly nights is to help anglers become as proficient tyers and fishermen as possible. The flies for this particular night are designed with big predatory fish in mind. Pike, Musky, and Striped Bass are examples of local species which could be targeted using these flies. Additionally, these patterns are setup to be platforms for other tying ideas, techniques, and variations.  

Materials List:

  • Gamakatsu SP11-3L3H 3/0 Hook
  • EP Senyo Chromatic Brush 3" - (color: Lizard)
  • EP Senyo Chromatic Brush 3" - (color: Blue Berry)
  • Saddle Hackle 5-7" - White, Black, + Chatreuse
  • Marabou - Black + White
  • Krystal Flash - Silver
  • Ostrich Plume - White + Black