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Fly Focus Friday: Bucktail Hollow Fleye

Fly Focus Friday: Bucktail Hollow Fleye

Hollow fleyes and hollow tying techniques pioneered by the world renowned fly tier Bob Popovics are staples in the modern striped bass fly fishing world. Hollow tying techniques are where bucktail fibers (or other materials) are tied in reverse with the tips facing away from the vice and folded back creating more volume without adding more mass. These techniques are incredibly useful in building large profile baitfish patterns that imitate things such as pogies, herring and mackerel. Hollow fleyes come in all shapes and sizes and hollow tying techniques can be found in countless patterns. These particular hollow fleyes featured are tied using just select bucktail, a few flat wing saddles for the tail, and a next-to-near indestructible UV resin head featuring 1/2" holographic eyes.Bucktail Hollow Fleye

We have a limited amount of these flies available for purchase and also all the materials for you to tie your own at the shop! **Shop for the flies HERE**

Materials List (click for link to material page):

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