We at All Points Fly Shop + Outfitter are a group of fly fisherman who simply love everything that fly fishing brings to our lives. From the places it brings us, the people we meet, the endless techniques and tactics, the environment and fish we get to interact with, to simply the never-ending process of learning all that encompasses this world we love so much. We are constantly looking to experience new things and continue climbing the infinite staircase known as fly fishing. All Points is a fly shop and travel coordinator for worldwide fishing destinations with unparalleled dedication to our customers and the environment.


Learning to fly fish never ends

Registered Maine Guide

Josh Thelin

Fly Fishing For Permit Belize

Josh Thelin is the owner of All Points. He was born and still lives in southern Maine along the coast of Portland Harbor and Casco Bay. His home waters are the coastal regions of southern Maine targeting Striped Bass and also the rivers/lakes/ponds of northern Maine for Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon. A registered Maine Guide, he is also experienced in fishing for species such as Bonefish and Permit to Golden Dorado and Pacu and has travelled from Belize to Argentina to experience some of the world's best fishing. 

Josh has spent years helping to outfit others for either a day trip to a local river or a month-long trip to the other side of the world. He has great experience in outfitting a customer for their exact needs and fishing style, fishing location, technique, and skill level. 

An audio engineer by education and an outdoorsman by lifestyle, Josh tries to combine his experience and knowledge in both worlds to also teach others via the creation of high quality media/video/photography that can help connect people to the vast world of fly fishing. Any other time not found on the water or in the shop, Josh can usually be found in his basement tying flies or making music.

Joe Webster

Joe Webster All Points Fly Shop

Joe grew up in Portland and has fished for striped bass his entire life. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fishing the Maine coast and also has a great understanding of Maine brook trout and landlocked salmon. A RIO Signature Tyer, patterns such as the Crouser, Tactical Shrimp, and Tactical Crab are now commercially available and came from the vise of Joe. He is always up to date on what is happening locally and is happy to share his knowledge and experiences to help anyone who is willing to listen. If it’s in New England, he can probably point you in the right direction. On top of a strong understanding of New England fisheries, Joe also has extensive experience in salmon and steelhead on Lake Ontario tributaries, as well as trout in Colorado and Wyoming, and Atlantic salmon in Canada. Joe’s flies are staples of the All Points fly collection and can be purchased exclusively in store and online.

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