Dragon Tail BTD (Locally Tied)

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Love em' or hate em, Magnums Dragon Tails catch fish. With an unmatched action and ability  to move and provide life like action using the slowest retrieves, dragon tails have the ability to catch fish when other baitfish patterns will not. The big problem with them is 2 things, they are difficult to cast (which can be addressed in rod and line choice as well as fly design) and the fact that they fall apart quickly. This dragon tail pattern features replaceable and interchangeable tails so that the life of the fly can be extended indefinitely, or until a rock or bluefish grabs hold of the head of the fly. As the dragon tails inevitably break down they can simply be replaced with new ones. These flies are tied using the Bob Popovics bucktail deceiver platform for the body, magnum's dragon tails, and a built  UV resin head featuring realistic holographic eyes. Tied on the tried and true Gamakatsu SL12S hooks. Designed for striped bass, but great for anything that eats big baitfish. 

  • 6/0 = 8" long and feature Magnum's Mini Dragon Tails
  • 8/0 = 10" long and feature Magnum's Original Dragon Tails
  • Each fly purchased comes with 2 replacement tails

Replacement tail 3-packs are available HERE

Tied by:  Joe Webster