Fly Focus Friday: Caddis Larva

In many areas, especially here in the rivers of the Northeast, caddis is king. We certainly have great hatches of Mayflies and Stoneflies, but purely based on numbers and variety, caddis will be prevalent almost all season long. For many fly anglers, the thought of finding yourself in the middle of a caddis hatch is what keeps us up at night during the long winter. Trout and salmon will happily sip flies on the surface and go out of their way to intercept an emerger or nymph during an active caddis hatch. This caddis larva is a straight forward nymph tied using common materials and can be sized up or down but usually within the #18-#12 hook range. They can be fished tied off the back of a dry fly or dead drifted deeply under an indicator or tight-lined.

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