Fly Focus Friday: Squimpish Fiber Hollow Fly

This weeks fly focus Friday features Joe's Squimpish Fiber Hollow Fly, a large profiled hollow fly featuring Squimpish Boutique Blends layered in between several hollow bucktail ties. Hollow tying techniques have become one of the most popular styles of creating large baitfish patterns. Both bucktail and squimpish fibers, whether that be the boutique blends or the original squimish hair, take extremely well to this style of tying in materials,and blend together to create amazing movement and presence in the water. This pattern was designed for our local striped bass, (specifically the big ones) but has also taken species such as peacock bass, golden dorado and striped marlin. Our favorite colors locally here in Maine are the olive and white combination for daylight hours and the blurple for night. This fly can effectively be tied anywhere from a 1/0 all the way up to 10/0 or bigger.

Materials List (Click for link to page):

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