Insider Interview: Galvan Fly Reels

While continuing to learn everything about the gear that All Points sells, here is an interview with Boni Galvan of Galvan Fly Reels. These reels are 100% made in the U.S.A. with the highest quality parts and standards, plus all their reels include the highly regarded Torque drag system. With this interview, learn a little of what Galvan has done in the past and what they have in store for the future...

1. What Was the first reel that Galvan made?  It was the Standard 2.5 and Standard 2.75

Galvan Fly Reels - Standard

(The "Standard" pictured above and below from an old Galvan brochure)

Galvan Fly Reels - Standard

2. Was the Standard put into production?  Yes

3. Have Galvan Fly Reels always been made in America? Yes, since 1993

4. Does Boni do all the designing?  Yes

5. When did Galvan Start to make reels for saltwater use? In 2004 when he came out with the Torque Reel 

6. The “Grip” is your latest reel.  Do you have plans for a new reel in the works?  Yes, we are working on Trout sizes in our Grip model. They will be out 2020

7. Can you explain the Torque drag system and how that was developed?  It has a Compression Disk Drag.  Developed because we wanted a stronger drag system to be able to handle the biggest and strongest species of fish out there. 

8. How is it different than other manufactures drag system? We are not familiar with other manufactures drag systems. 

9. Around Christmas time last year, you offered various custom colored reels.  Are you planning on doing something like that again this year?  We are thinking about it 

10. How has Galvan Fly Reels changed over the years? How has it stayed the same?  Biggest changes made over the years has been drag materials.  Simple and ruggedness has stayed the same.  Still family owned and operated.  We are still 100% made in the USA.  We still have a lifetime guarantee.  We continue to strive to provide excellent customer service. 

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