6 Places To Fish For Trout + Salmon In Maine After Season's End

Here we are! It's October and a lot of trout fisherman are now getting ready for winter's frosty grip and to begin organizing their fly tying area. Many of our beloved trout and landlocked salmon waters have closed as of September 30th...Well, hold the phone! There are some great areas that are still open to trout fishing after a majority of the waters have closed. Here are a few rivers/sections that can produce good fishing even when the fishing season seems well into the rearview mirror...

Extended Fishing Season - Maine - Places To Fish In Maine

(Photo: Alison Gardiner)

1. East Outlet of the Kennebec - From Oct.1-31st the East Outlet becomes fly fishing and catch-and-release only. The section of the river from the markers at the dam of Moosehead Lake down to the markers at the end of "Beach Pool" is open throughout the year. The Kennebec, especially this section, is a larger Maine river. Even if you find other anglers there it's likely you'll find some water all to yourself.

2. Upper Dam Pool - Open until the end of October. Upper Dam is located between Upper Richardson Lake and Mooselookmeguntic Lake. Expect to see landlocked salmon and brook trout. 

3. Mousam River- Running through southern Maine - notably in Kennebunk - the Mousam provides tidal fishing below the Rt. 1 dam, but also has freshwater trout fishing open all year. Between Mousam Lake downstream to the Rt. 1 dam holds stocked trout.

4. Presumpscot - Possibly the most well known/heavily fished river in Maine. The Presumpscot is a tailwater out of Sebago Lake which eventually finds its way to the ocean in Portland. The crossing at rt. 35 in Windham is one of the hot spots for trout. Easy access in a well populated area and heavy stocking brings many an angler here. It's a great river to enjoy a real possibility of a tight line even throughout the winter. 

5. Ponds - Maine is chock-full of ponds. Many of these have extended seasons beyond September 30th. There are too many to list, especially with all the individual regulations, so check the Maine fishing laws/rules before you go - http://www.maine.gov/ifw/fishing-boating/fishing/laws-rules/special-laws.html

6. Royal River - Brook and Brown Trout are stocked here. Some of the stocking happens in Yarmouth with plenty of access. From Elm St. down to tidewater is open throughout the winter. 

So, when you are sitting inside on a cold Maine day and you get that itch to hit the water, don't fret, there are plenty of options for you! There are more than listed here, so do a little reading and research of your desired area and I'm sure you'll find some great spots.

Check Out All The Maine Fishing Laws:

Maine Open Water Regulations - http://www.maine.gov/ifw/fishing-boating/fishing/laws-rules/statewide-laws.html



Mark A. York:

Just an FYI: even though they’ve stocked it three times, there are no trout or salmon anywhere to be found on the Presumpscot. There hasn’t been for a year. The biologist says it’s too warm and that is backed up by the salmon migration up the Songo and Crooked rivers and the later on Panther run. Hasn’t happened. Salmon are still 60 feet down in the hole in the lake accounting to a state park ranger at the locke. I can’t speak to anywhere else.

A local tells me the Saco is bassy even at the rapids and I see you didn’t mention that one. I’m retired fisheries biologist away for 45 years out West. I haven’t got it figured out yet but I will.

Nov 10, 2021

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