The Best Budget Friendly Fly Reels For Striped Bass

When it comes to picking a fly reel that will be used in saltwater, there are some considerations to be made regarding build quality and features. In this video I'll talk about what makes a good saltwater reel, which ones have proven to work well for striped bass here in New England and elsewhere, and also the features we look for when choosing a good reel. Saltwater fly fishing can be punishing on gear. Here are some reels that have proven well for long days in the salt!



Julien Émond-Brunet :


I am looking for a budget saltwater reel on which I can change the spool on the beach whitout water getting jnto the drag system. I would use it for atlantic salmons on my Sage X 10’ #8 and for stripers and pikes on a TFO Axiom 2-X 9’ #9. I tough of buying the Spectrum but I did read on Trident that the maximum drag was below 3 lbs. I am looking for more drag since I am using 15-20 lbs mono for stripers on 8-15 lbs mono for salmons. Would the Hydros ne a good option? Is the drag system exposed to the elements when switching spools?

Thanks for the help and tight lines,


Apr 08, 2024

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