Video: A Mainer With a Love for Fishing and the Outdoors

Triangle Sport recently did a video about All Points Fly Shop and the owner Josh Thelin. Triangle Sport is the company that makes the line/reel winder machine that we use daily at the shop to rig fly reels. 

Check it out below!


David W Moss:

I am Retired Air Force. I have Fished just about everywhere I have been from Japan, Pacific Ocean Alaska, Bering Sea, Alaska, Hawaii, West Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Outside the Golden Gate Bridge and many other places.
Was out at the Bass Pro Shop here in San Antonio, Texas several years ago, and there was a class on how to tie a fishing flies. Well, I got caught up into how tie fly fishings and fly fishing. Now I have several friends doing it also.
To everyone out, there try it you will like it!

Mar 01, 2023

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