For many, catching a permit on a fly rod sits at the top echelon of saltwater fly fishing. Permit are notoriously difficult to catch for many reasons. With unbelievable senses of smell and sight, any offering not close to a real source of food gets immediately refused. In fact, with eyes the size of golf balls, permit have the some of the most refined vision in the fish world. Plus, when a fish can smell sunscreen on your fly, like a permit can, you know you are in for a battle of wits! But that's just the beginning, you have to be able to see them first - with an almost undetectable reflective skin, essentially everything disappears on the flats other than their famous black-forked tail. 

Permit Fly Fishing - Belize - Honduras Permit Fly Fishing - Belize - Honduras - Permit On The FlyThere are few other fish that demand the amount of respect and attention that permit have gained. Once you catch one on a fly rod you will certainly understand. You will also join a short list of fly fisherman who have been able to coax this mysterious species to hand. Sound fun? No, it sounds incredibly fun.
We at All Points have what we consider some of the best and also unique permit fishing offerings of anyone in the world!  These locations are hot beds for permit. Whether it's at the world famous Turneffe Flats Lodge, or the hidden gem of Mango Creek in Roatan, Honduras, we can make sure you make the most of your permit fishing adventure!