Video: Fly Tying - Crouser for Bonefish & Permit

By now you have likely seen or heard about the Original Crouser fly that Joe Webster ties here at All Points. As this is a pattern that is most commonly fished along the bottom to imitate crab, shrimp, flounder, etc. here in Maine for striped bass, it quickly was morphed into a (smaller) version for bonefish & permit. Its productivity in tropical flats world was quick and we started to receive messages and photos from customers who had brought some great bonefish & permit to hand with the Crouser. Although the original color of olive/light olive worked well, variations of tan/sand, pink, or rootbeer (for redfish!) seemed to really gain popularity. 

Crouser Fly Pattern for Bonefish Permit

In the following video, Joe demonstrates his Crouser pattern in a smaller bonefish & permit variation. You can also watch the video of the Original Crouser HERE


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