Maine Coast Striped Bass Tournament
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In conjunction with the Gulf Of Maine Research Institute in partnership with Coast Conservation Association-Maine, All Points is happy to host the Maine Coast Striped Bass Tournament. This is a fly fishing, catch and release event. We are teaming up with GMRI to help their efforts in accumulating as much data on this species as possible while providing a great tournament for fly fishing anglers. 

The Gulf Of Maine Research Institute already has an existing "Snap-A-Striper" program established, which lucky for us, is essentially based off the same criteria for how fish are entered into this type of "photo submission" based tournament. They use this information as part of an ongoing project to learn more about where Maine stripers come from and the contribution of such areas like the Kennebec River to our fishery. We figured this would be a perfect chance to join forces to easily create more data. It's a total win-win. The tournament will run from June 1st-30th. We think this will provide people with plenty of time to go fishing and especially during a great time of the season. Participants are not stricken to a certain day or tide. Anglers can fish any time of the day, any tide, for the duration of the dates specified...before or after work (or during), on the weekends, whenever! 

Proceeds from this tournament will go towards the Gulf Of Maine Research Institute.


Here is how the tournament will work: 

  • A team can enter as either a solo angler or group of two. Further, teams will be distinguished between "shore fishermen" and "boat fishermen." Please detail names of team members and team name (if applicable) in the "cart notes" of the order page.
  • Anglers or teams must be entered by May 31th
  • Photos of the fish caught will include either the "Snap-A-Striper" card or the All Points ornament/identifier in the photograph plus the tape measure (given) to establish length and size.
  • The photos will then be emailed or brought into the shop to qualify as an "entered fish." 
  • The total accumulation of the team's 4 best fish (in total length) will be used to establish the overall winner(s). 

Specifics about the information given on the "Snap-A-Striper" card:

One aspect that I know anglers will have questions about is the "Location" part. Fear not! This section does not need to be specific. I don't need to know what rock you were standing on, what beach you were at, or even the town you were in. All that really needs to be input here is a very general piece of information. So you could even write "somewhere between Portland Head Light and Scarborough Beach." That works! The more specific the better for GMRI, but this is by no means a requirement. We just need something, and you cannot write just "Maine." Further, NO location information will be given to other anglers or posted online. The only people who will see this are myself and the G.M.R.I. 

The "Head Submitted" portion does NOT need to be included at all. This tournament is a catch-and-release deal ONLY. So the sole time this would be applicable would be IF a fish is caught and is significantly injured or dies in the landing process. At that point you may, on your own accord, harvest and submit the fish. IN ALL OTHER CASES PLEASE LEAVE THIS PORTION BLANK

Gulf Of Maine Research Institute:

GMRI's "Snap-A-Striper" program:

Coastal Conservation Association, Maine -


There is a decent amount of "honor code" involved with this tournament. We simply ask all participants to please mind the rules to make this a great tournament for all those involved. A quick disqualification will be handed out in the case of any rules being broken. Further, it IS pretty easy for us to tell when someone is cheating ;)

  1. This is a catch-and-release, fly fishing, tournament only. No bait, spin, or conventional gear is allowed.
  2. Teams can have a max of two (2) anglers. 
  3. Watercraft, of any kind, are ONLY available to those who entered in the "boat" category. From personal motorized boats, to paddle boards, they are all legal to those fishing via "boat." On that same note - NO watercraft of any kind at any time (motorized or not) are allowed to be used by "shore" participants. 
  4. Anglers/teams must come into All Points Fly Shop starting May 30th to pick up their tape measure, identifier, and Snap-A-Striper card. If you cannot make it into the shop, you can request these to be mailed. 
  5. In order for your submitted fish (and photo) to qualify and count towards your total length, you must have either the Snap-A-Striper card or your given identifier included, plus a tape measure running from the fork (middle of tail) to the end of the mouth. The photo must include the entire fish. If a photo cuts off part of the fish, or any of the given criteria are not included, that submitted fish/photo does not count. Some part of a fly rod/reel must also be present in the picture as well. 
  6. All stripers must be caught and submitted between 12am 6/1/2021 and 11:59pm 6/30/2021
  7. Photographs/fish submissions must be emailed or brought in store within 24 hours of the catch. Email: -- If this poses a problem, please contact Josh at All Points to make other arrangements.  
  8. At least one of your total submitted pictures must include the Snap-A-Striper card. This does not mean all, just one. If you submit 200 photos, but none of them include that SAS card, NONE of your fish qualify. Only one is required.
  9. If you sign up as a shore team, but catch and submit fish that were caught via boat, you/your team will be disqualified.
  10. The use of the Casco Bay Lines (Ferry Service) is allowed. These are public transportation services available to everyone.