Joe's Crystal Dragon Tail Fly

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Featuring the new Crystal Dragon tails, Steve Farrar SF Blends and Flash Blend Baitfish Brush, this simple tie is deadly effective at catching Striped Bass and other predatory patterns such as giant trevally, golden dorado or peacock bass. More durable and easier casting than the original Magnum Dragon Tails, these flashy flies are great at catching a basses attention and we find they fish particularly well on rougher days. The black and black/olive versions can make great night time eel imitations. Best fished with an intermediate or sink tip fly line.

  • Tied on a Gamakatsu SL12S 6/0 hook

This is a in-house tied pattern. We try our best to keep our flies available and in stock, but during certain times there might be a slight delay due to demand, etc. Please contact us if you need these immediately, are going on a trip, or otherwise as we can certainly do our best to accommodate you!