Maine Bar Fly - Bunker Brewing

This is the ticket and information page for the Maine Bar Fly nights. Below you will find specific details on the upcoming event, location, and flies being tied. If you plan on attending and tying with us, you will need to purchase a "Tying Ticket." All those looking to watch, drink, and socialize are welcome too!

Tying Ticket details: These assure you a seat at one of the tying tables.  With the purchase of a ticket you will be provided any and all materials, vise, or tools you might need. You are also more than welcome to bring your own vise/tools and we can simply provide the rest. We will have HMH vises available for anyone in need!

SPACE IS LIMITED - We only arrange 25 tying spots available each night. This provides a better situation in many ways. If you plan on tying, tickets must be purchased ahead of time. 

UPCOMING Maine Bar Fly -

The goal with these Maine Bar Fly nights is to help those who attend become as proficient and informed anglers and fly tiers as possible. Whether it is specifics on the tying techniques, fishing tactics, or the fish's behavior, we are focused on always providing everyone with both the "how" and the (ever important) "why." 

The next event at Bunker Brewing will feature Kevin Stone from Old Oak Outfitters. Kevin is a fishing and hunting guide in Maine who will be showing us a couple of super-fishy flies for striped bass. One will be a Mackerel pattern and the other a Herring. Additionally, we will be using EP Fibers to create these patterns. EP Fibers are synthetic fibers which can be manipulated, trimmed, and shaped in ways other materials simply cannot. 

Material List (both flies):

  1. EP Gamechange Blend - Tinker Mackerel
  2. EP Gamechange Blend - Mackerel
  3. EP Gamechange Blend - Sardina
  4. EP Original - White
  5. Gamakatsu Hook - SL11-3H size: 2/0
  6. Gamakatsu Hook - SC15 size: 1/0
  7. White Thread - 140 Denier or 3/0 Mono (Veevus + Danville are good options)
  8. 7mm Holographic Eyes

Maine Bar Fly - Kevin Stone

Kevin Stone - Old Oak Outfitters - Maine Bar Fly