Premium Bucktail (Graded)

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Cleaned, processed, and then selected specifically for fly tying purposes, these bucktails have been sorted and graded by quality. The fibers on these tails are soft and perfect for many different fly tying applications. They have not been overly processed with chemicals making fibers stiff/brittle. What separates these tails for others on the market, especially the Grade A's, is the length and softness of the fibers. Expect to see 4-5+" fibers on the Grade A tails.

Grade B tails will either be smaller tails with the same fibers or large tails with shorter or inconsistent fibers but are still excellent quality. If you are tying larger patterns for species such as striped bass, pike, musky, and other big game, these will be a great addition to your tying desk! Great for hollow tying techniques!

Please make a note with your order if you are looking for specific types of fibers/tails. We can try our best to accommodate!