Redington Original Outfit/Kit

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The Original Kit is the perfect blend of traditional and modern for fly fishing enthusiasts. Its medium-fast action blank and classic design make it the ideal rig for both new and seasoned anglers. Whether you're seeking adventure or just a quick fishing trip, The Original Kit ensures a timeless experience on the water.

Available in two sizes: Freshwater 5wt (Trout) and All Water 8wt (Bass, Salmon, and Inshore), the Original Kit comes complete with the durable Crosswater reel, sturdy dacron backing, RIO Mainstream fly line, and RIO tapered leader. These 4-piece rods offer flexibility for the angler on the go. While complete outfits add to the ease of delivering everything you need, add your fly of choice and allow the Original kit to be your trusted ally as you seek new experiences and hone your fly fishing skills.

Noted Features:

  • Easy casting medium-fast action blank
  • 9-foot length for optimal performance
  • Anodized aluminum reel seat
  • Crosswater Reel with durable composite frame and carbon disc drag
  • RIO Mainstream line
  • RIO Powerflex tapered leader
  • Durable nylon carrying case for keeping your gear safethe end of the rod