RIO Premier Flats Clear Floater Fly Line

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RIO's Premier Flats Clear Floater Fly Line offers gin-clear floating technology in full and 6ft clear tip configurations, allowing anglers to cast close to the target without alerting the fish.

An ideal option for stealthy saltwater fishing, the Premier Clear Flats Floater Fly Line features a 6ft clear tip and seafoam head color, easily traceable via the angler or guide. Its Flats Pro taper (mid-length head + short, powerful front taper) offers effortless casts to moving fish and longer shots when reaching further.

The Premier Flats Clear Floater has two RIO Fly Line Cleaning Towelettes in the box. To maximize each chance with Permit, Bonefish, and other shallow-water gamefish, having a clean line that shoots like brand-new is a must.

RIO Premier Flats Clear Floater Fly Line Grain Weight