Solarez UV Cure Roadie Kit

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A combo pack of Solarez UV cure fly tying resins! This Roadie Kit contains three different formulas plus a UV light. Low odor, cures in seconds, TACK FREE!


  • Thin-Hard Formula -- Clear, glossy, low viscosity (like 10 wt. motor oil). Cures to a hard, non-yellowing resilient finish. Use it to penetrate thread wraps & fibers and as a varnish overcoat. Applications: dry flies, nymphs, streamers, realistic flies and saltwater applications
  • Thick-Hard Forumla -- High viscosity (like cold honey). Ideal for building heads, thorax & carapace. Excellent for nymphs, streamers, pike flies, and saltwater flies. 
  • Flex Formula -- Medium viscosity (like 90 wt. gear oil). Flexible, tough finish. Excellent for application of foam, terrestrial & articulated flies, saltwater flies, realistic flies, and swimmers. Also great for water repair and for a knot coating.
  • UV (High Output) Flashlight -- Optimal wavelength!