Squimpish Fiber Hollow Fly (Locally Tied)

All Points Fly Shop & Outfitter
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The Squimpish Hollow Fly is a pattern Joe has been offering at the shop for many years. It has taken on many different variations and started as a small 6" size 4/0 hollow that has evolved into a large 8"-12" sized fly tied on 6/0 and 8/0 hook that are capable of landing the largest fish in the world. This hollow fly combines squimpish boutique blend fibers, bucktail and flat wing saddles for the tail to create a beautiful full bodied baitfish profile. On top of being a hot fly along the New England coast for striped bass and bluefish, this fly will perform well for many other large predatory species such as giant trevally, rooster fish, marlin, golden dorado, peacock bass, or any other species that searches for a big meal.

  • Tied using Ahrex SA290 Bob Popovics Signature hook. 6/0 flies are approximately 8" long and 8/0 flies are approximately 11" long. Available on a limited basis.

Tied by: Joe Webster